What Chinese Tourists Think about France?

Paris, France – At the center of Paris, Bar and Restaurant at the Rio Davisce sit in the Stan and the company, it is a dimension, domestic French restaurant with wooden ceiling and stained glass paintings. The waiters tuced tables in the comfortable batch windows, café au lait croques monsieurs and cups busy in the cup.

Stephanie Vietrett has set up for 25 years. But it’s just in the past few days, which started to replace Rio De Vesés. They say “All the road people sold their business to China.” “Before there was a little village with coffee and farmers in the morning.”

Now, stunning Chinese restaurants and duty-free shops run on the road. After the Chinese tourist sheep pushing narrow lanes, after the flagging guide, prepared to move forward in front of each other.

Stephanie finds herself in a scene daily, which looks more like Beijing City than Paris. It is incredible, “they do not say hello, they do not speak French, they do not speak English.”

Whatever time spent in France will indicate that the most important word is “Bajaj”. It means more than security – it’s a decent face to face.

Steven recalls: “A woman came here and spread to the floor.” “I just took a Napoleon, put it in hand and said in French:” Take! ”

His first trips with thousands of tourists in China are now starting their journey, Stephen’s road is Microsoft’s context of cultural conflicts in many countries. But anywhere from the people of the tourists, who are hungry before their restaurant every day, Stephanie sympathy.

He says “this is not their fault, it is two different cultures.” “Nobody is saying how we live, are our customs.”

When I went to a Chinese group tour, I saw that in many cases, he was right. Tour operators were not interested in teaching the French about the tradition or culture of France. For them, the Chinese market is a number of games: The number of people you get at the bus bus, the number of places you might possibly take for a while.

They do not give tourists a memorandum to commemorants or museums. On large trains, their barriers are set for at least 40 minutes. And Paris do not give Chinese visitors a lot of shade. For example, despite having more than 800,000 Chinese visitors last year, Musa is not an audio audio guide in two lovers.

The great competitive tour prices mean that smart shopping around Paris is trying to direct the instructions on making their money by taking their clients on marches. I also heard about stories about tour losses to lead the gangs and to recover their losses through the commission’s commission by the large department stores on duty free purchase.

Chinese tourists have to pay money, where China’s tourists speak the same language as French. Philip Guarino advises luxury brands about the Chinese market. He explained that “there are agreements that are made with tour operators in China.” “A second deal with the Travel Travel Agency. One third with the Inner French Travel Agency. A fourth agreement with the fourth agreement and the bus driver with the Local Tour Guide. We are talking millions of millions.”

According to Philip, China’s buyers now sell half-luxury brand around the world. There are fifty percent of their purchase in Europe or America. It is not surprising that the French government wants to double the number of Chinese tourists reaching five million a year.

The buses from Stefney’s restaurant, the Galleries Laundry department department, welcomes daily hundreds of buses on a daily break from buyers. Paris people mock tourists’ strikers, so it works as a second to reach the tourists in a hurry and keep them in an area with a dedicated calling-out shop assistant.

Inside the store it is unusual, particularly close to the time when their doors are directed to the door. China’s buyers can be emphasized to go in front of a row for a Louis Viton Handbag.

Stephanie is trying to make things easier for her and as easy as easy for her tourists to explore China’s shops and its restaurant. They offer them with a small mark written in Mandin, so they warn them and tell them, “If they sit, they will drink!”

They are open to the fact that Chinese customers account for the growing percentage of its profit and it is certain that, due to the European financial crisis, the Chinese Chinese tourism industry is the future.

He says, “I asked my son to study Mandy at school.” “Do you know how thank you in Chinese?”

“Xiè Xie,” I replied.

“Well, for the first time my son tried to thank me in China, I told him, because it seemed like he used to swear in French!” They say, laugh. Stephen was very cheap to say the French version in front of the camera, but I took her word for it.

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