Things to Know before Cleaning Air conditioning

Do you already have an air conditioning at home? Then remember to clean it regularly. That is easier than you think.

Clean air filters of your air conditioning

In itself, an air conditioning system should be low-maintenance. However, it is smart to regularly clean the filters. If you use the air conditioning a lot, the dust filters a lot of dust from the environment. If there is too much dust on the filter, the effect will be reduced. So check the filters regularly!

Vacuuming air filters

Is there dust on your air conditioning filter? Then take the vacuum cleaner and clean the outside of the filter. If the filter is still dirty after vacuuming, rinse with lukewarm water and let it dry thoroughly before you put it back.

Self-cleaning function

Some air conditioners have a self-cleaning function. This is intended to remove moisture from the device and to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. If your air conditioning has this function, it is useful to switch it on at least at the beginning and at the end of the ‘aircon season’. Look in the manual of your air conditioning how to activate this self-cleaning mode.

Further cleaning of air conditioning

An air conditioning requires little maintenance. In addition to cleaning the filters, you can occasionally make the device and the air inlets dust-free. All further maintenance, such as topping up the refrigerant or coolant, may only be done by a certified installer who is also good at aircon chemical wash.

Top up refrigerant

An air conditioning system is a closed system, but nevertheless the refrigerant can still disappear from the system in gaseous form. This causes pressure loss and the system will not work as well. This is a good time to call in an air conditioning technician.

Authorized mechanics

Never tamper with yourself! It is dangerous and any guarantee will immediately expire!

A recognized mechanic:

  • Looks after the air conditioning on filters, cabling, drainage, condenser and evaporator.
  • Ensures that the correct refrigerant enters the system.

There are various labels for mechanics in refrigeration technology and air treatment. Among others, nim collection in angmokio is also a preferred one.


Your job

Do you have the idea that your air conditioning can perform better? Then place your queries on the online page of best and reliable aircon servicing companies of your country.



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